Gorilla Bomb – Sativa Hybrid (Prerolls)

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Gorilla Bomb Strain is a strong weed strain with a hard-hitting and super heavy high. This sativa dominant strain has an identifiable chocolate diesel flavor. It delivers a lifted energetic high that leaves users creative and focused.

THC levels in Gorilla Bomb Strain range between 20-27%%, making it a highly effective remedy for migraines, muscle spasms, and chronic pain. Gorilla Bomb weed strain has also been shown to ease depression, stress, and mental disorders.

This hybrid created through crossing Gorilla Glue #4 with the legendary THC Bomb. It is 60% sativa /40% indica that pack all the necessary ingredients that constitute a great medicinal strain.

Gorilla Bomb Strain also has an incredible flavor profile. It has an identifiable chocolate diesel flavor with sour pine undertone. Its beautiful nugs produce a perfectly uplifting and relaxing high that makes the hybrid the perfect daytime and evening strain.

We highly encourage users not to smoke too much in one sitting as Gorilla Bomb may induce some nasty side effects.  Consider starting with a small dose and gradually work your way up until you find the right dosage for you.


This energizing and uplifting weed strain is perfect for errands and other daily activities. You may also smoke Gorilla Bomb Strain when you don’t have much to do. Note that its high can be extremely deadening, especially when you smoke past your tolerance level so watch out for that.

Nonetheless, this hybrid is guaranteed to uplift spirit and induce a state of pure bliss. Gorilla Bomb weed strain, therefore, makes for the perfect choice for chronic stress, anxiety, and depression.

$1.50 for a high end THC. A high-THC, indica-dominant blend with lineage tracing back to BC. The buds are big, minty green.

Note: We do not use shake in our prerolls

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