Jamba Juice Beyond Extracts Shatter (B)

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Jamba Juice shatter’s zesty smoke induces an invigorating high that helps relieve the mental and physical stress that comes with living one’s daily life. At the same time, it sparks interest in one’s tasks and rekindles the motivation to complete or finish it. Moreover, it has an analgesic quality that comforts patients in need of a reprieve against pain and aches.

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  • Jamba Juice Beyond Extracts Shatter

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Jamba Juice is a cross between two fruit-flavored strains, Banana OG and Strawberry Cough. The latter is a base for its offspring’s Sativa-dominant genes as well as tropical overtones. 

Aroma: Jamba Juice can bring back memories of a stress-free vacation in the tropics. It has the sweet scent of ripe fruits with strong hints of berries.

Taste: Jamba Juice explodes in the palate with the taste of freshly picked berries. Accentuating its fruity profile is the refreshing taste of pine. On the exhale, a zesty tang washes over the mouth along with hints of wood.

High: Jamba Juice’s effects begins as a tingling sensation in the temples that, before it trickles down to the rest of the body, spreads through the mind first. It uplifts the mood and leaves users feeling happy as it clears the mind. Jamba Juice shatter is a great wake-and-bake treat for when spirits are particularly low or one is generally unmotivated.

Used for: Chronic Pain, Depression, Fatigue, Mood Swings, Stress, Giggly, Happy, Hungry, Uplifting

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Dimensions 4 × 4 × 2 cm